An Inspector Calls

how does mr birling try to intimidate the inspector?

Need some evidence to show

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We see that Mr and Mrs Birling are more embarrassed at being found out for their thoughtless treatment of Eva Smith rather than regretting what happened to her as a consequence. The Inspector wants the Birlings to repent for their misgivings, including Mr. Birling. He also causes the Birlings to wonder about the life they are living and if it is ideal and true. However, with Mr. Birling (and Mrs. Birling as well), the Inspector's efforts have little to no effect. Mr. Birling is a capitalist, and in essence a bad person who does not feel remorse for the family's wrongdoings. The Inspector is the opposite of Mr. Birling, a socialist with values beyond reputation. When the Inspector leaves, Mr. Birling actually pokes fun and laughs at him rather than take into consideration anything he has said or tried to teach the family.