An Inspector Calls

explain the link between Mrs billing and eva smith. Show how Mrs Billings response to what they have done is different

We just finished act 2 in class.

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Eva really had few options after she became pregnant with Eric's child. Not only did Mrs. Birling not help “girls of that class”, she also made sure that Eva could not get help elsewhere, "I used my influence to have it refused.” Mrs. Birling is an elitist and a rather cruel person.

Eva Smith who had been pregnant with Eric's child, turned to Eric's mother's commitee for help but upon reaching there Mrs. Birling heard the girl's story and refused to help her and told her to find the father of the child and told her to get lost. Then she used her power and told the commitee members to not help the girl. This shows that Mrs. Birling is a cold-hearted lady and refused to help the girl when eva was most desperate for help. she is a cruel and horrid lady.