An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls essay about the relationship between Birling and the inspector

I am really struggling to find sophisticated points about the relationship between mr birling and the inspector. I have made a point about the inspector telling birling about responsibility but cannot think of anymore. Im having a sort of writers block and any help would be greatly appriciated


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In addition to simply taking responsibility, the Inspector wants the Birlings to repent for their misgivings, including Mr. Birling. He also causes the Birlings to wonder about the life they are living and if it is ideal and true. However, with Mr. Birling (and Mrs. Birling as well), the Inspector's efforts have little to no effect. Mr. Birling is a capitalist, and in essence a bad person who does not feel remorse for the family's wrongdoings. The Inspector is the opposite of Mr. Birling, a socialist with values beyond reputation. When the Inspector leaves, Mr. Birling actually pokes fun and laughs at him rather than take into consideration anything he has said or tried to teach the family.


include the way the inspector under mines mr birling's authory over his own family creating tension between them and their on going fued for control. mr birling considers himself a well respected man around town and in that he believes he shuold be though of and treated with a higher air of respect than most [people but when the inspector enters his authority and respect that he normally recieves is gone and not even his children listen to him and choose to listen to the inspector insted. this fustrates mr birling and spends more time worrying about this insted of worring about the effect of his actions.]