American Beauty

what are the main messages and values explored in the final sequence of American Beautyope

simply asking how the sequence is made to create meaning

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I love this scene. It is when Kevin Spacey is doing the voice over to his life. He talks about the fact that it isn't the huge things which make life beautiful rather than the small details. It is a moment like noticing how his grandmother's skin feels like paper. It is the moment when he sees his little girl dressed up on Halloween and it is the moment of not really knowing what you have lost until it's gone. Life flows past us, we can't hang on to them rather than just let them flow through us and to just be happy that we experienced them. I also love the plastic bag in the wind. It makes me think of the chaos of life. We really don't control anything. The chaos of sadness and happyness, the pleasure and the pain, the sacred and profane is what makes life beautiful. I think I rambled on here but I hope this makes sense.