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“Amadeus” Movie Assignment Questions: When the Emperor first asks Mozart to write an opera, there is a discussion regarding doing the opera in Italian or German. First, describe the discussion. Then, given the purpose of opera according to the original Florentine Camerata, why might this discussion be significant?

Why do you think the Emperor favored Saliari over Mozart?

How do Mozart's operas change as he evolves through his career? What are some of the differences between the first opera (about the Turkish Harem), and the one following his father's death.

Describe the “parody” opera (the one that his friend writes as a comedy using tunes from Mozart's serious operas. What does the audience look like and how do they act compared to the audience at Mozart's first opera (the Turkish one)? What is the major difference between the audiences and how does that reflect the changing culture of Mozart's time?

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