All the Pretty Horses

Why does McCarthy never use names?

He always uses pronouns and I find it extreemly furstrating. What is the reason behind this?

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They do have names though. McCarthy has his own style of writing. I think that McCarthy uses so many pronouns because he wants the reader to take some responsibility for the narrative and figure out the context and speakers for themselves. 

Why though? like why doesnt he just narrate it what good is it if the reader narrates instead of the author. like whats the point to it?

I think, and I don't want to second-guess the author, McCarthy wants the reader to invest the effort into deciphering and taking ownership of the narrative rather than having the narrative fed to them. 

Oh! so he wants the reader to think and understand for themself rather than the author telling the reader what is going on?

Basically, yes. 

Thank you so much!