All the Pretty Horses

What do cats represent?


Although the repetion of cats were'nt a huge, the definetly symbolize something. Although, I can't quite figure out what...

When JGC was having a conversation with Rocha they were mentioned.

"At the end of the room was a walnut sideboard with some chafingdishes and decanters set out upon it and along the windowsill outside taking the sun were four cats."

more examples...

"He looked down the table where the shadows of the sunning cats sat in a row like cutout cats all leaning slightly aslant."

"The hacendado leaned back in his chair. One of the cats rose and stretched."

"When he walked up to the house there were cats coming from the stable and rchard and cats coming along the high wall"






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I have never heard of cats being a symbol in this novel so I'm stretching a little here. Cats straddle bot the wild and the domestic. Characters like John Grady want to purge their wild past and settle down.