All the Pretty Horses

What are the similarities of John Grady's, Alejandra's, and Alfonsa's relationships between their fathers?

how is their image of their fathers alike?

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Alejandra has a great relationship with her father, although Don Hector is over bearing, over protective, and keeps his daughter on a very short leash. She falls in love with a man considered completely inappropriate, and in the end buckles in to her family's desires and her Aunt Alfonsa's manipulation. Her love for Cole isn't strong enough to compete with the love she has for her family, so she chooses her family, but not without some 'fight.'

Aunt Alfonsa was at one time a free thinking, spunky, young woman. She too failed to marry the man she loved in order to preserve her relationship with her family and especially her father. The culture here is very respectful; women don't shun the expectations or rules of the male heads of household. Unfortunately, her decision to carry out her family's wishes brings her nothing but bitterness, and she inflicts that same bitterness on her niece. While she was good enough to provide the money for Cole's release from jail (she does remember love), she is also vindictive enough to use that money as a bribe to keep her niece away from him. It's a case of history repeating itself or misery loves misery if you will.


All the Pretty Horses