All Quiet on the Western Front

What news does Tjaden bring? Why does he have a grudge against Himmelstoss? How do all the men get revenge on Himmelstoss?

All Quiet on the Western Front - chapter 3

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Tjaden comes up with a flushed face. He is so excited that he stutters. Beaming with satisfaction he stammers out: "Himmelstoss is on his way. He's coming to the front!"

Tjaden has a special grudge against Himmelstoss, because of the way he educated him in the barracks.

Tjaden is a bedwetter. Himmelstoss tried to cure him by finding another bedwetter and meking them sleep in the same bunk. One would sleep on the top one night, the other on the next. Unfortunately, whoever slept on the bottom bunk would end up on the floor and get sick. The men got there revenge by catching him alone in the dark, stripping of his bottoms and giving him a whipping. 


All Quiet of the Western Front