All Quiet on the Western Front

What course of action does Paul take regarding the wounded recruit?

ch.4 2 quotes with explanations please thank you so much!

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The wounded recruit allows Paul to play the paternal role of a veteran--which, indeed, he and the others are in comparison to the green recruits, as they previously noted. More evidence of camaraderie occurs in the gas episode, when Paul puts on a recruit's gas mask for him, just as he shielded the first recruit.

"I grab for my gas-mask. Some distance from me there lies someone. I think of nothing but this: That fellow there must know: Gaaas--Gaaas-- I call, I lean toward him, I swipe at him with the satchel, he doesn't see--once again, again--he merely ducks--it's a recruit--I look at Kat desperately, he has his mask on--I pull out mine, too, my helmet falls to one side, it slips over my

face, I reach the man, his satchel is on the side nearest me, I seize the mask, pull it over his head, he understands, I let go and with a jump drop into the shell-hole."

Source(s) All Quiet on the Western Front