All Quiet on the Western Front

The breakdowns among the new recruits and how Paul and Kat handle each?

all quite on the western front

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In Chapter Three, Twenty-five younger men arrive as reinforcements. Paul and his friends feel like mature veterans. Kat shows one of the recruits, along with Paul and some others, a tub of beans he acquired by bribing the cook. The beans are a precious commodity (turnips are the military staple). He gives some to the recruit and tells him next time to give him some tobacco in return. Paul believes every company has one or two resourceful people, but Kat, a cobbler by trade, is the smartest he knows. Paul is glad to be his friend, and tells a story to illustrate his strength as a leader. One night, bunking in a small, ravaged factory, Kat finds straw for the men to sleep on. But the men are hungry and have no food, so Kat goes off again and returns with bread and horse-flesh without providing an explanation. He oversees the cooking of the meat--he has a frying-pan, salt, and fat. Paul thinks Kat's sixth sense for locating food is his special talent.