All Quiet on the Western Front

Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7 - RETELL THIS in modern times! Creative Writing Opportunity!

We know MacBeth struggles with the idea killing the King...should he kill him? He has doubts, but in the end, Lady MacBeth uses her (pushy, controlling, ambitious) ways to put aside MacBeth’s hesitation. There is some resonance of the theme of “deceit” and “guilt” here. You will recreate the idea of peer pressure, persuasive techniques in a more modern day feel. Does your “character” have that same feeling of doubt?

Pick a style:You and your friends (can be completely fictional)

Animals (Lion King, etc)

Set in the future, perhaps?


Create a dialogue/conversation similar to MacBeth and Lady MacBeth

How does one character persuade the other to complete (or not complete) the act?

Develop the doubt, planning etc to “commit a crime” of some sort

Does not have to involve violence or murder, perhaps a time when you have thought of something “evil” or wrong (?)

It can be elementary in nature! Must be at least 1 page of conversation between AT LEAST 2 characters

Clearly defined problem, wonderings, and decision to “commit” or not!


Shows the inner conflict of one with a “flaw”

Language used is appropriate to the characters

Tone, Author’s Style conveys a “mood (maybe emotion)” in the conversation

What does dialogue look like on paper?

Character Name 1: words that he/she says….

Character Name 2: words that he/she says…..

(back and forth in this format)

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