All Quiet on the Western Front

Looking to the future, how does Paul plan to live again “after this annihilation of all human feeling”? What will he do to give meaning to the meaningless slaughter in which he was engaged?

This in in Chapter 8 after Paul has observed the Russians a little bit

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I don't think this has been answered yet. After watching the sad Russian POW's mope about in prison, barely alive in body and spirit, Paul ponders the nature of war. Paul wonders how these "gentle peasants" can become his mortal enemy. It is the stroke of a pen on some document by people they do not know that causes this hell. Paul, decides that this line of thought will lead to the "abyss". He resolves to save it until the end of the war. Peace time will give him a chance to reflect and, perhaps, make sense of the madness he has been in.