All Quiet on the Western Front

How do the men prepare for the Kaiser's visit?

all quiet on the western front

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From the text:

There's a great deal of polishing being done. We are inspected at every turn. Everything that is torn is exchanged for new. I score a spotless new tunic out of it and Kat, of course, an entire outfit. A rumour is going round that there may be peace, but the other story is more likely--that we are bound for Russia. Still, what do we need new things for in Russia? At last it leaks out--the Kaiser is coming to review us. Hence all the inspections.
For eight whole days one would suppose we were in a base-camp, there is so much drill and fuss. Everyone is peevish and touchy, we do not take kindly to all this polishing, much less to the full-dress parades. Such things exasperate a soldier more than the front-line.


All Quiet on the Western Front