All Quiet on the Western Front

discuss the friendship between kat and paul. do men in combat develop a comaraderie difference from that of men in peace? are there certain things that men can share or women?


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Kat and Paul are the closest of friends, and they share a certain type of comeraderie found only in time of war. Soldiers depend upon each other for their lives. They have to work together and protect each other.... death continuously lurks around the corner, and they share that reality. Those who have never experienced war cannot understand the depth of trust in these relationships.... In my experience, there are many things soldiers can and will only share with each other.

My father never talked about the war "ever." No matter what we asked, he shared nothing about his experience in Korea. Then one day when he took my son fishing, the two of them met up with a Vietnam vet, who lived in a trailer near the river. My father and the vet shared a three hour long conversation in which my son sat captivated by their recollections.... he also then told me he understood why Grandpa didn't share those memories. And that was all he would say.....