All Quiet on the Western Front

descirbe the battle after the bombardment

I have 3 question that I cant find the answers for and maybe someone knows. I didnt watch the movie so I dont have answers for the questions that I am being asked.

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The English artillery starts firing--an hour before their regular ten o'clock schedule. Gunfire opens nearby, and again Paul observes a change in the men's faces and behavior. Paul feels the front is like a whirlpool, sucking him in. The earth becomes the soldier's closest ally as he buries himself into it during fighting, seeking holes and small valleys for protection. He believes this action is instinctive, and the only way to save oneself. The earth is torn up as the men stay down. After a nearby burst, Paul's sleeve is torn away by an artillery shell splinter. He makes a fist to test for pain; there is none, but he knows that wounds don't hurt until after they've been inflicted. He feels his arm; it is only grazed. He receives two splinters on his helmet but fights against fainting. He covers himself in a hole created by the shells and finds a dead man in a coffin.

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