All Quiet on the Western Front


1. In the first scene, describe Trench Warfare and explain the outcome of the battle.

2. In the scene about their training, analyze the type of instruction they received and what

you think the new soldiers received from the experience.

3. In the scene where they encounter gas, explain the effects of the attack and if you think

chemical weapons should be used in war.

4. During the scene when the replacements come, explain why the attitude of the “veterans”

is so calloused toward the new soldiers.

5. In the scene where the French soldier lies wounded next to Baumer, what would you do if

you were the German soldier with your enemy next to you? Define the term “remorse” as

experienced by Baumer.

6. In the scene where Baumer returns home, analyze how things have changed and if he can

fit in anymore. Explain your view.

7. In the final scene, evaluate what Baumer has learned in the war and how his experiences

have changed him and share your view.

8. In your opinion, what does the title “All Quiet on the Western Front” mean?

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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for "text" specific questions. There is no category listed for the film.