All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front- Chapter 1 Questions


1.) Give a brief description of the narrator (Paul Baumer)

2.) Name the eight army friends introduced and what occupations did each of them have before entering the army?

3.)How do the boys feel about Kantorek?

4.) How did they feel about Kantorek when they were in school?

5.)What is important about Joseph Behm's story?

6.) What has happened to Kemmrich?

7.) What are two reasons Muller wants Kemrich's boots?

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Give a brief description of the narrator (Paul Baumer).

The narrator and protagonist of the novel, Paul conveys to the reader the profound alienation of the young WWI soldier. For Paul, especially, this alienation emerges in two ways. For one, he is caught in a virtual no-man's-land in his life. He feels dislocated from his past, but can conceive of no possible future for himself. His former schooling seems useless, and he cannot imagine reentering the civilian world in any kind of occupation. Check out-


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