All Quiet on the Western Front

All quiet on the western front

In your opinion, what is Remarque's position on the war? Provide 5 quotes from the book that support your position.

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I can give you a couple of quotes. This is generally considered an anti-war novel. It is unique for many of us because it is from a German point of view. What we discover is that the German soldier experience was little different from the allied soldier experience. Both suffered horrors, both lost friends, both were mere pawns of the powers in charge. War is senseless, war is a waste of life and nothing good comes of war. All these boys and men would rather be somewhere else,

He turns away. After a pause he says slowly: "I wanted to become a head-forester once." Ch 2

Detering is paring with his words. But on this subject he speaks. He looks at the sky and says only the one sentence: "I would go straight on with the harvesting." Ch 5