All My Sons

Who gave Larry's letter to Ann, and why didn't she read it before the story started?

Because its impossible that Ann read it before the story because she dont know yet that Jo is guilty

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"suisde Lary's Letter" ? Please re-type your question. Thanks

The Letter that Ann is Reading to Kate at the and of the story that Larry says: "My Dear Ann: it is impossible to put down the things I feel. But I've got to tell you something. Yesterday they flew in a load of papers from the States and I read about Dad and your father being convicted. I can't express myself. I can't tell you how I feel... I can't bear to live any more. Last night I circled the base for twenty minutes before I could bring myself in. How could he have done that? Every day three or four men never come back and he sits back there doing 'business'.... I don't know how to tell you what I feel.... I can't face anybody... I'm going out on a mission in a few minutes. They'll probably report me as missing.  If they do, I want you to know that you mustn't wait for me. I tell you, Ann, if I had him there now I could kill him..."

Ann always had the letter and knew this, she just did not want to destroy the family by revealing this information.