All My Sons

which character had to make the biggest compromise?why?

all my sons

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I feel like Kate has made the biggest compromises in the novel although I'm not sute too many would agree. She's far too smart to play the blind and deaf woman she portrays herself to be, but then again you have to see her from the standpoint of wife and mother. As a mom, she doesn't want to believe her son is gone, nor does she want to disrespect his memory (this includes understanding Chris and Ann). On the other hand, she's also a wife who enjoys her lifestyle, and who would rather turn a blind eye to her husbands actions and pretend she doesn't know what he's done at the expense of someone else's life and family. I don't know that she can live with what she's done, but in the end she isn't the one who ends her life, and she is the one who tells her son to go out and live his.