All My Sons

What do they tell us about each character’s attitude to money?"ALL MY SONS"

which HOTS did you use?______________

a. Jim to Frank: “I would like to help humanity on a Warner Brother’s salary.” (Act One)___________________________________________________________

b. Chris to Ann: “Oh Annie….. I am going to make a fortune for you!’ (Act One)


c. Sue to Ann: “I married an intern. On my salary. And that was bad, because as soon as a woman supports a man he owes her something. You can never owe somebody without resenting them.” (Act Two)


d. Jim to Mother: “Money-money-money-money. You say it long enough it doesn’t mean anything. Oh, how I’d love to be around when that happens!’ (Act Three)____________________________________________________________

e. Keller to Mother: “You wanted money, so I made money. What must I be forgiven?” (Act Three)________________________________________________

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A. Jim wishes he had more money to give to charity.

B. Chris thinks he needs money to make Ann happy.

C. Sue is resentful of what she believes she has sacrificed for her husband.

D. Jim does not place a lot of emphasis on money and believes that his mother does the opposite.

E. Keller worked for his family, to give them the life he believed they wanted. He feels he has done his job financially.

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