All My Sons

Themes of Love

Can anyone suggest how Miller comments on the theme of love in hostile conditions in All My Sons, it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Your question is hard to answer because it is unclear how broadly or narrowly you want to define love and its application to either society at large or just within the family.

Taking the broad view, you can focus on the general "love" all men should have for others, and how Keller violates that love by shipping defective parts during a war.

Taking the narrow view (which is much easier in my opinion), focus on the relationships between the Keller and Deever families recalling that they are supposed to be partners, and how they treat each other in the past and the present. You can also focus on how love changes (Larry and Ann, Chris and Ann, love between the father and son) and how each of the characters responds to the moral problems of the characters they love.

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