All My Sons

Symbolism of 2 items in the Keller's yard?

Describe the symbolism of 2 items in the Keller's yard according to the author's description.

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There is Larry's Tree, built as a memorial when he didn't return from WW2,

"In the left corner, downstage, stands the four-foot-high stump of a slender apple tree whose upper trunk and branches lie toppled beside it, fruit still clinging to its branches."

The tree serves as a polarizing symbol to the Keller family. Mother, for example, uses it as a symbol that Larry will still return while Chris chops it down because he wants no reminders of his brother. Chris wants to marry his brother's widow, Ann.

Thanks Aslan but I need 2 items,not just 1. :)

I don't recall off hand but I think that the yard itself is a symbol of insulation from the outside world. The things that happen outside of their yard are denied or repressed. Although the yard is seen as a protection, it also insulates (keeps in) all the bitterness, anger and resentment.

Thank you very much Aslan. :D

Thank you very much Aslan. :D

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