All My Sons

short note on kate keller

write in brief and concise

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Kate Keller is referred to throughout the play as "mother," she's a practical "family comes first" type of woman; the mama lion with her young. Control is important to her, like Joe she has no wish to have their family torn apart by the truth. She nurtures when necessary and she manipulates when she has to, but like most mothers, she becomes distracted after her son's disappearance.

Larry's disappearance causes Kate to think. She considers the lies and guilt of her husband; the conviction of the wrong man, and her own part in it all. She begins to understand that there's punishment for sin, and although she grasps at straws believing that God wouldn't punish Larry for his parent's actions, she says "God does not let a son be killed by his father." This one phrase sums up her belief that their actions have caused the death of their son.


All My Sons