All My Sons

Read about the American Dream and answer the question that follows.

"The United States is built on the values of the American Dream: that through hard work and dedication everybody has the opportunity to live a better and more successful life. One of the themes of All My Sons is the American Dream gone wrong. Arthur Miller explores he shallowness of the American Dream by suggesting that it encourages immoral behaviour in order to attain and preserve a certain lifestyle"

How does this information add to your understanding of All My Sons?.

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The American Dream

Miller points out the flaw with a merely economic interpretation of the American Dream as business success alone. Keller sacrifices other parts of the American Dream for simple economic success. Has he given up part of his basic human decency (consider the pilots) and a successful family life--does he sacrifice Steve or Larry? Miller suggests the flaws of a capitalist who has no grounding in cultural or social morals. While Keller accepted the idea that a good businessman like himself should patch over the flawed shipment, Miller critiques a system that would encourage profit and greed at the expense of human life and happiness. The challenge is to recover the full American Dream of healthy communities with thriving families, whether or not capitalism is the economic system that leads to this happy life. Economic mobility alone can be detrimental--consider George's abandonment of his hometown for big city success. There is a rift in the Bayliss marriage over Dr. Bayliss's desire to do unprofitable research, because his wife wants him to make more money instead of do what he enjoys and what will help others.