All My Sons

How has the war affected the lives of the characters?

all my sons

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War changes Joe Keller's life. His decision to sell faulty airplane parts causes the death of good men, and his denial of all guilt gets him through. Ultimately, he doesn't take responsibility until it's too late......... and he decides to end his own life.

Kate also lives in denial. War changes her life because it takes her son Larry (though she won't admit he's dead). She also denies that her husband has done anything worng. Again, we have a character, who at the end of the novel realizes Joe's true guilt. The difference.......... for Kate to admit her husband's guilt also makes him her son's murderer.

Chris........ the war made him a man......... he's a good man.

Ann's boyfriend died serving in the war (Larry), and her father went to prison because of faulty parts that were used on planes in the war. She lost the two men she loved the most, but I think she's an asset to the cast's characters. Ann is a realist; she adds normalcy to a very strange and sad situation.


All My Sons