All My Sons

how does chris's view of his father change in the play?

all my sons

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Chris idealizes his father although they have very different ideas about life and business. He is devastated when he finds out the truth about the faulty plane parts, but it doesn't change how he loves him....... just the way he sees him.

When Chris gets home after leaving;

"Chris returns and says that he will leave town because he cannot bear to be around his father with the knowledge he now has. He could jail him if he were human any more, but "I'm like everybody else now. You made me practical." "

Keller's suicide;

"A gunshot is heard in the house. Chris runs inside and tells Ann to find the doctor. Mother stays outside and moans her husband's name. Chris comes out in tears and says, "Mother, I didn't mean to-" But she interrupts him and tells him not to take the blame for his father's suicide. "Forget now. Live.""