All My Sons

explain talking of joe keller and chris keller

describe specific discuss between them

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The conversation between father (Joe) and son (Chris) seems to represent a very real physicality from the beginning. Joe is almost like a boxer, and his son is more of a sly, skilled fighter who is willing to use deceit and trickery in order to win battles.

Joe defended himself by telling that he thought there was nothing bigger than the family. But Chris was an idealist (*) he had different ideas. Although Joe said Larry never flew a P-40 Chris knew it was smth bigger than that. Other people's son died. 21 young men died because of his father. Joe knew they'd crash he let Steve send them anyway. Chris used to believe that his father was better than others so although the idea of him might be guilty he didnt examined enough but at the end he understood that his father was just a man aong men.


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