All My Sons

all my sons act 1:

-how has the war changed the lives of the characters?

-what game does Joe play with the neighborhood kids? and what it symbolizes?

-chris says they made mistake. What is it and what have been the results? why doesn't Joe agree?

-Why does the business cause a conflict between Chris and Joe?

- what did Kate dream about? How is it connected to the tree?

-What does Chris mean by "We're at a railroad station waiting for a train that never comes in"?

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ahhh...OK thanks for this

Hey you need to submit your questions one at a time. I'll take your first one here,

The war is a catalyst of change for the whole family. The war is the reason for making the plane parts and thus the faulty parts ends up costing this family in tragic ways. The secret of who was at fault festers inside the people that know and brings down the whole family.The war also claimed the life of one son.