Alice in Wonderland

in alice adventures in worderland, how you know that alice went to puberty?

how(paano) you(mo) know(nalaman) that(na) alice(si alice) went(ay papunta) to(sa) puberty(pagdadalaga)?

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Alice in Wonderland is an allegory, in which Alice's adventures align themselves with the changes a young girl goes through during puberty. During the course of the story, things are never quite right, and Alice's physical attributes leave her frustrated, but somehow she always keeps moving along. Growth spurts, awkwardness, moodiness...... the story is filled with them. Ultimately, Alice comes to the point where she understands that the time has come to grow up and face reality....... and she wakes up! This novel is beautifully done, but if you're still confused look back at the changes Alice undergoes and see if you can relate to her emotions and how she sees herself. I think you'll get it! :-D


Alice in Wonderland