Alice in Wonderland

i need a examples of different tones from alice in wonderland

i need a example of humorous, didactic, sentimental and paradoy tones from alice in wonderland

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The humorous tones are evident through many literary techniques, for example through the use of puns. There are many instances where the figurative language used in Wonderland is taken literally , which proves to have humorous outcomes. Imagery also demonstrates a humorous tone and combines with with figurative language puns. For example, the poem the Mouse's Tale (pun on tail).

The didactic tones can be found in the poetic parodies throughout the book. For example, the poems which are meant to have a moral implication or lesson within them but come out all wrong such as when Alice is speaking to the caterpillar with the poem "How Doth the Little Crocodile".

Sentimental tone can be found through the actions of the main character, Alice. Her actions often include a sentimental undertone. For example, Alice demonstrates a strong fondness for the mouse.

Parody is found throughout the book and is demonstrated a number of ways. The most obvious example is the White Rabbit, who is a parody of the workaholic adults rushing through life.