Alice in Wonderland

can you identify any artists writers or musicians today who specialize in the kind of clever nonsense carroll used?


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Tim Burton, Frank Zappa


Professor Steephen Greenblatt's comment on Amerrycountry, subtitled Autorabiography is as follows:
'' Penemy of Pignorance, I am genuinely impressed by your inexhaustible and daring verbal inventiveness.''

The Taylor and Francis review written by Dr. Bahram Meghdadi, the most prestigious professor and critic of English literature in Middle East, published in the volume 47, Issue 6, 2014 Journal of Iranian Studies, Oxford University, has claimed Amerrycountry a 21st century literary ''masterpiece'' which surpasses even Finnegans Wake, and which deserves to reach a ''universale''. Dr. Meghdadi who got his Ph. D. from Columbia University believes, the art of writing novels has been revived once again by Amerrycountry, a ''phenomenon'' in world literature. He places Amerrycountry among the four or five best novels of his long literary career and life.

Dr. Homa Katouzian the distinguished professor and editor of Iranian Studies Journal of Oxford University, after finishing to read Amerrycountry called it an ''original'' story.

Professor Mark Burnett from Queen's U. Belfast commented on Amerrycountry as ''cleverly'' written.

Professor Sean Latham, Editor of the James Joyce Quarterly, in the Dept. of Tulsa University, has commented on Amerrycountry as: ''I have read the review and Amerrycountry. The latter is indeed interesting, because it is built around an interesting and original idea.''

Beheshti U. distinguished Professor and critic of English literature, Dr. Amir Ali Nojumian who received his Ph. D. from Leicester U. has commented on Amerrycountry as follows:
''I eventually finished reading your work and enjoyed it a lot. I think your command of English is excellent and your portmanteaus, or let's say portmantorabis, are quite thought-provoking and pentertaining. Many of the words you made, for example ''sexpert'', "textpress" and ''universale'' were very innovative. This reminds me of this quotation in your work:
"It seems that languages langucage us! Or rather, we let ourselves be langucaged. Languages, after many years, limit and numb us, although at the start they empower us."

Your metafictional and intertextual attitude to writing is quite novel and postmodern (while reading your work, I was reminded of Tristram Shandy.)

Dr. Ali Reza Jafari, (Ph. D. of Southampton University), another distinguished professor and critic of English literature in Beheshti U., has commented on Amerrycountry as:

''I have now read a few pages of your brilliant work for which I genuinely congratulate you. It has considerable strengths to build on and possesses features that can develop into great literary assets. You demonstrate an awareness of the divergence of literal and figurative deployments of language, something that will stand you in good stead. The performative quality of your writing, coupled with a strong moral color, is certainly of note, too. Your writing, in a dim sort of way, reminds me of eighteenth-century satires in which one sees an astringent social and cultural criticism.''

Ariel Dorfman's assistant at Duke University, Suzan Senerchia, has commented on Amerrycountry as:
''I did read Amerrycountry and found it interesting in your use of words. Your combination and use of words, as well as your choice of which words to combine, were very clever and imaginative.''

Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz, Chair and Director of Roshan Institute for Persian Studies in University of Maryland, has commented: '' I liked the new style in Amerrycountry and I am glad that it has had a favorable review in the Journal of Iranian Studies of Oxford University.''

Michael Smith who teaches English Language in Manhattan College, New York, believes:
''The writer of Amerrycountry has done a feat! He must have undergone much trouble and it must have taken a very long time to write Amerrycountry''.

Dr. Elahi Ghomshei, English Literature professor, translator and Shakespeare scholar has called Amerrycountry as ''uniquely interesting.''

Matthew Aaron who is editor of a magazine in Ireland, believes ''The portmanteaus and puns in Amerrycountry are so clever and witty. Many of them have the necessary features to enter English lexicon.''

Professor Talât S. Halman has taught at Columbia University, at Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University. He received the UNESCO medal, and a Knight Grand Cross (GBE) was granted to him by Queen Elizabeth mainly for his translations of Shakespeare's works into Turkish. He is a member of the Poetry Society of America. His comment on Amerrycountry is:
''I finally had a chance to familiarize myself with Amerrycountry which I found ambitious and interesting. It is an extraordinary treasury of puns and portmanteau. You are very inventive and ingenious.''

Danial Jafari, a book critic from Philadelphia has commented on Amerrycountry as:
''I have already read a few pages of it and it is not an easy read, I must confess. But that is exactly why I liked it! Anything that picks my brain or stimulates my humble psyche is a sure welcome. I congratulate you on words of support from this diverse range of reviewers.''

Dr. Maryam Beyad Professor of Eng. Lit. in Tehran U. has briefly commented on Amerrycountry as:'' It is very very interesting and unique, hope you get the success you deserve.''
Dr. Zohreh Ramin professor of Eng. Lit. in Tehran U. has commented:'' Congratulations! I am so delighted to see that one of my classmates has succeeded this far! I will read your work as soon as I can. However I did go over Dr. Meghdadi's review in the journal and it was enough to convince me that this is not only a great piece of writing but a work which requires to be read with great care.''

Gabriel Schenk, Oxford U. instructor, Ph.D. candidate of Eng. Lit., and a writer has commented about Amerrycountry as: ''I don't have much to say yet, as I haven't read very far, but it's certainly a whirlpool of a book. Lots of different ideas, and narratives, and words, swirling together. It's hard to stay focused on anything in particular, but I did like 'Who was Shakespeare? / He shook the sphere'.''

Reza Maleki, a Ph.D. candidate of English Literature in France has commented on Amerrycountry as:
'' J'adore ce que tu as fait avec la langue anglais. C'est infiniment intéressant et en même temps déroutant et je crois que c'est le thème principale même de l'histoire. Je suis sûr que ton ouvrage s'adressera à un public très élevé et engagé. La langue de ton livre se ressemble à un mélange de celle de Swift, Joyce et Lewis Carroll. Je suis vraiment fier de toi et ton cerveau. Ecrire un roman en anglais, c'est un vrai prouesse, à mon avis.''

Olivia Taylor M.A. of English Literature from Sydney University has commented: '' I have just read a few of the puns and portmanteaus, and I love Amerrycountry already. I will definitely finish it and then put it in my own personal library and let my friends know about it. ''

Mehdi Babaii, a web designer in Boston, who is about to finish Amerrycountry believes:'' One day, God knows when, Amerrycountry will be unanimously accepted as a literary masterpiece. By the way, let's not forget the share of the cover photo which resembles the famous photo taken by Kevin Carter, Kevin and the Kid, which became universally known.''

Eli Dehghan a student and a part time sales clerk in New York says: ''I am so busy because of my studies and my job, however I am reading and enjoying Amerrycountry.''

Dr. Mohammad Amini Farsani, Ph.D. of English Language Teaching and lecturer in Beheshti U. who has finished reading Amerrycountry has commented: ''Amerrycountry is designed to be reader friendly in the sense that all events and episodes are written to be accessible to students, literature researchers and fans, and novelists. Creativity in combining lexis, humanizing issues, and originality of Amerrycountry are among the distinctive features of it. As such it deserves a well deserved title: A merry country.''

Neda Reisi a lecturer of Eng. Lit. in Shahre Kord U., Iran, has commented on Amerrycountry as:
''I really enjoyed reading Amerrycountry. It was a great combination of logic and feeling and reality and imagination.I both cried and laughed during its reading.I just can say congratulations.''
Elham Rajab Dorri, a lecturer in Jahrom U., Iran, has commented:'' Amerrycountry possesses every necessity of a great piece of literary work. The new coinages or portmanteaus make the reader curious to proceed further and to follow the plot. The appendix of portmantorabis at the end of Amerrycountry has been very helpful to the readers.''

Mahnoosh & Hamed, a Couple who are M.A. of English literature and Instructors have commented: '' We felt dizzy and felt our body remain on the bed while we read parts of the wonderful Amerrycountry with so much weight . It was the main essence of existence.''

Dr. Morteza Ghelich, a lecturer in Tabatabaii U. and a translator who has read Amerrycountry believes it is written in a strongly attractive prose style, and he believes many of the coinages can easily be used in every day English.''

Hosein Pustforushan M.A. of English literature, and Instructor, has commented:'' I have already read about twenty paged of Amerrycountry, and am enjoying it a lot. Every page of it speaks for about ten pages! Its witty language and metaphors say a lot in few words. I love its unprecedented style.''

Mohsen Ebrahimi, B.A. of English Language Teaching has commented on Amerrycountry as:
'' I've just finished reading Amerrycountry. I don't have enough knowledge about English Literature to talk technically about it. But I can say, once I started reading it I just couldn't put it down! I enjoyed every part of the story. It became easier to read as I read through its pages. At the end of the story I had a great feeling of satisfaction as if I had read 10 books! Your brilliant work really touched my heart and soul. I wish this heart-warming book reaches a "universale".
Sajad Tamassoki, who is Master of Computer Sciences and a part time bookkeeper and a fan of fictions, has commented ''Though Finnegans Wake is written using Joyce's idiosyncratic portmanteau style,it remains largely unread because of its difficulty of style.But Amerrycountry is the only novel in the whole world which is written in pure portmanteau style created by the author, Zadmehr Torabi, and unlike Finnegans Wake can be easily read and enjoyed.'' 

The book, Amerrycountry, by Penemy of Pignorance contains a lot of such language. This is clear if you just notice the pen name of the author: Penemy of Pignorance.


Tim Burton, Frank Zappa.