Alice in Wonderland

alice and the march hare

Why does Alice decide to visit the March Hare? ( After her encounter with the Cheshire Cat)

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Alice soon runs into the Cheshire cat, whom she asks for directions. He points the way to the Hatter's home, and to the March Hare's place, but he warns her that they're both mad. He also says that everyone around these parts is quite mad, including himself and Alice; if she weren't mad, she wouldn't have come. They talk, the Cheshire cat disappearing and reappearing the whole while. He finally disappears a final time, tail first and grin last. Alice decides to go the March Hare's place, but she feels a sense of foreboding when she reaches his home. It is covered with fear and has two great ears. She uses the mushroom to rise her height to two feet, but she still feels quite anxious as she enters.