Alice in Wonderland


How is the Cheshire cat conversation with alice similar to the caterpillars advice to keep your temper? and wat dose he mean which he says 'We are all mad here?

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The Cheshire Cat is one cool character; he watches from the outside and doesn't involve himself in Wonderland's workings. "Mad" refers to the things that Alice doesn't understand or hasn't noticed. It refers to the fact that strength, power, and mystery are maintained in the "place" rather than the people who live there; any rule or rules are based on nonsense, and because of this Alice begins to act and behave as ridiculously as the native characters. But understand that her "madness" or actions, unlike the other characters comes from a curiosity to understand that they do not possess. Therefore, her madness is something that Wonderland's inhabitants tie to Alice.

Her conversation with the caterpillar is similar. She tries to explain that she doesn't understand what's going on; the caterpillar on the other hand answers her questions with questions, confusing her even more. He warns her to keep her temper.............. in other words, she needs to think before speaking in this land of misunderstandings.


Alice in Wonderland