Alice in Wonderland

5 things that happened in chapter two in order

Chapter two

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1) As the cake takes effect, Alice finds herself growing larger. This time, she keeps growing until she is the size of a giant. Now, getting through the door to the garden will be more difficult than ever, and Alice begins to cry again. The white rabbit comes scurrying down the hall; at the sight of him, Alice dries her tears and tries to talk to him, but one look at Alice and the rabbit runs away in terror.

2) Rabbit runs away and leaves behind his fan and his white kid gloves.

3) Alice realizes that she has put on the rabbit's gloves: if they fit, she must be shrinking again. She soon learns that the cause is the fan that she is holding, which she drops hastily before she shrinks away completely. She is now the right size for the door to the garden, but she has left the key, once again, on the glass table.

4) Alice slips and falls into a vast body of salt water. It is the pool of tears that she cried when she was a giant.

5) Alice sees a mouse swimming through the little sea, and tries to talk to him, but she unintentionally offends and frightens the creature by talking about her cat. The mouse can talk. Alice offends him again by bringing up a dog that kills rats, and the mouse seems to be swimming away, but when Alice calls out to him and apologizes, the mouse swims back and tells her to swim to shore with him. He promises to tell her his story, after which she will understand why he hates and fears cats. They swim towards the shore, and Alice finds herself swimming at the head of a curious party of animals who have fallen in the water: a Duck, a Dodo, a Lory, an Eaglet, and a few other animals.