Alas, Babylon

why does dan stop for the ambush?

alas, babylon chapter 10

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Dan was on his way home from helping a patient. He sees an injured woman in distress but she is merely a decoy. When Dan stops to help her two men and a boy attack him with a baseball bat. 


This speaks to the character of Dan Gunn. As a Doctor he is bound by the Hyppocratic Oath to render assistance but Dan, like Randy in the earlier sequence with the auto accicent, woudl have stopped anyways. There is no way to know this is an ambush, hence the term ambush. However as a study this is an interesting sequence:

1. Nuclear War has occured.

2. Law Enforecement is on existant.

3. Dan was deep in thought of a possible outreak of Thyphoid, and was not really conentrating on driving or the outside world.

4. Dan is snapped back into reality, and doent take the former into accoun