Alas, Babylon

What happens in December?

What events take place in December in the end of the Book?

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After the attack, the Air Force went over to Kenya, Africa, and he came back to join the D.C. in the hopes of finding his wife and kids. He gave up hope when he saw how completely Orlando, where they lived, had been annihilated. He breaks the news to Helen; Mark is most certainly dead. Hart and his team take notes as Randy tells them how Fort Repose has managed to survive.

Paul offers to airlift them out, because it will take a long time to restore the Contaminated Zones, but they all agree that they want to stay because Fort Repose is their town, and these are their people. Randy asks Paul one final question: who won the war? Paul confirms that even though the U.S. is in shambles, their side did win the war; however, it is doubtful that the nation will ever return to the way it once was.