Alas, Babylon

Alas Babylon Chapter 3

What are Edgar's feelings toward Randy?


What does this tell you about Edgar's character?

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Edgar didn't like Randy because believed he had no respect for anyone or anything. He saw Randy as rude, impatient, lazy, and insolent. As a banker, he looked down on the fact that Randy had never saved any money. But most of all, he resented the entire Bragg family because their father, Judge Bragg, had beaten him in poker, all while making a fool of him with a lousy hand. The Judge publicly chastised Edgar, and he never forgot it.

When Randolph Bragg burst into the bank at four minutes to three, Edgar pretended not to see him. His antipathy for Randy was more deeply rooted than if he had been a bankrupt. Bending over a desk as if examining a trust document, Edgar watched Randy scribble his name on the back of a check, smile at Mrs. Estes, the senior teller, and skid the check through the window. Randy's manner, dress, and attitude all seemed an affront. Randy had no respect for institutions, persons, or even money. He would come bouncing in like this, at the last minute, and demand service as casually as if The Bank were a soda fountain. He was a lazy, insolent odd-ball, with dangerous political ideas, who never made any effort to invest or save. Twice in the past few years he had overdrawn his account. People called the Braggs "old family." Well, so were the Minorcans old family-older, the descendants of Mediterranean islanders who had settled on the coast centuries ago. The Minorcans were shiftless no-goods and the Braggs no better. Edgar disliked Randy for all these, and another, secret reason.

From this, we can infer that Edgar was prideful and held a grudge.


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