Why Agamemnon call as Greek tragedy?

Greek tragedy

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Agamemnon is what we would call a Greek tragedy in the form of a family tragedy. It stresses violence in the form of sacrificing a child (Iphigenia), murdering a spouse (Agamemnon), and murdering a parent (Clytemnestra). Stressing family violence is typical in the Greek tragedy, stemming from the fact that the importance of family is such a large part of the Greek culture. Greeks believed that the most serious crimes committed were those enacted against family, 'shedding of kindred blood', and incest.'

the orestia is very famous trilogy by aeschylus.. Agamemnon is what we call a greek tragedy in the sense that it is based upon the assassination of the title character. It is also titled as the curse in the house of atreus. it is the tragedy of the family. agamemnon killed his daughter,iphegeneia, his wife,clytemnestra, killed her husband as a revenge for her daughter and then her son orestes killes both his mother and her lover. so this is a tragic cycle.


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