Sketch the character of Clyteminstra

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Clytaemestra, queen of Argos, is a dangerous woman. But beneath her venom is a deep, inconsolable pain. We discover that, ten years prior to the action of the play, Iphigeneia, her only daughter, was sacrificed by Agamemnon in order to ensure fair winds for the sail to Troy. This event, more than anything, helps unlock Clytaemestra's character. For only someone as badly wounded as she could kill with so little remorse. When we meet her, she is, to all appearances, a stable, faithful, admirable woman. In her husband's absence, she has ruled Argos well. Yet there is some unwholesomeness about her, some suspicion or disturbance. She speaks of mothers and children, of sacrifice, once too often, perhaps. Even the Chorus is a bit wary of her. Clytaemestra is exceedingly shrewd; she is a temptress. During her ten year wait, she has constructed a terrible "snare" for her husband. In that time, her heart has spoiled and died within her. Eagerly, she offers herself to Zeus' as the instrument of Agamemnon's inevitable downfall. She strikes him three times and lustily retells how the blood spattered on her clothes. But she denies responsibility for the murder on grounds that she truly was fate's instrument. Her guilt is announced, however, with the appearance of Aegisthus, her lover.