How is Agamemnon ultimately responsible for his own downfall?

How is Agamemnon ultimately responsible for his own downfall? "Agamemnon" is a novel written by Aeschylus. Who is Agamemnon and how did he die?

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Agamemnon was proud and self-centered. He didn't think about his actions..... he was impetuous, thinking of no one but himself. Murdering his own daughter was a great sin, something that his wife would never forgive. Then he publicly displayed his mistress, alienating and humiliating Clytemnestra once more. The combination of these things led Clytemnestra to plan his murder, an end for which he must be said to hold a great portion of the responsibility.

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In the play Agamemnon, by Aeschylus,we see the tragic end of the hero Agamemnon. He is murdered in the hands of clytaemnestra and brings his tragic end.Like not other acient stories,Agamemnon's downfall causes from his fate.Actually his tragic end occurs only for his personal deeds.

It is known to all that clytaemnestra murders Agamemnon because pf his sacrificing of their daughter Iphigenia.When they can not sail their vayage to troy a oracle is come from god-

"the mind must turn,there must be sacrifice,a maid must bleed".

It is due to Artemis anger at Agamemnon, he having killing one of her sacred,precious deer.In revenge,she wants a victim for this.


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