Compare Agamemnon, Hamlet and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

I have to chose an element that I notice in these texts and explain the similarities and differences as I compare the development in each work of my chosen element

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Wow that is quite an essay you have in store. I can't even begin to fit a good answer in this space. There is a sense of misplaced or lack of hubris in each one. That in itself is quite detailed though.

hey im doing the exact same essay for ilc and i am stuck too cause i dont understand the question

Did you understand the question now? I still don't understand and I can't find enough things to write a whole essay on it :(

Me neither.

Was anyone able to write this essay?

Has anyone come to a conclusion on their topic yet? I came up with a pretty good thesis but then realized it didn't apply to Prufrock..

I've compared how they have women in their lives, but they treat them all differently.

I've compared how they're disliked by the public, but Prufrock alienates himself.

Any ideas?

I've been stuck since December!!

No kidding guys! I'm also trying to complete this essay and think I've found a common element throughout each. What do you think of the theme of indecision/paralysis/inability to act as a theme of action? Agamemnon hesitates with the sacrifice of his daughter, stepping on the "crimson" robes, Chorus is guilty of inaction and indecision several times throughout the story, Prufrock is clearly obsessed with women yet lacks the ability to actually do anything about it, living in a secret kind of lascivious hell and Hamlet, well that should be obvious. Sorry about the run on sentence but I was just so glad to read that I'm not the only one suffering through this ridiculous ILC ENG4U course as well. The previous essay was worse than this one. If any of you want to discuss this further, feel free to contact me at [email protected] as I'd love to set up a discussion board for this course!

I contacted them and they told me to use an element of tragedy. I chose Hamartia, tragic error made by the protagonist. But I am having trouble finding differences within Hamlet, Agamemnon, and the Love Song. Are you guys still stuck on it?

I am. Can u help me spencer?

I can try dan, what do you need help with?

I am literally still stuck on the thesis

Me too! I need the thesis to be a descriptive one.

My essay has to be just like what Summii said, and it has to be exact. I can't seem to choose write the thesis as the development of each work in literary text. Are you stuck like that too?

Well I have chose an element, and I have some similarities listed, but I am having trouble with the differences of Hamartia in the works. Yeah I'm stuck writing the thesis, I have the first part done, but trying to list a common difference in my thesis is tricky.

Me too.

Have you chosen an element yet?

I need an element. I need help with my essay too. But this one is different than what Dan has.

wait does everyone have different essay topics? Are we all on the Unit 2 learning assessment?

i am doing it i already turned it in and i got an A+ on it i forget what element i did but it don't matter cause i already turned it in so yeah can u help me spencer because i have to do this again this year because last year i didn't do well so i really needed help help me know what i mean???

What? you just said you turned it in already...... are you doing this course again because you got a bad mark last time you did it? do you have it saved on your computer?? because we all need help. I contacted them and they said to choose an element from tragedy, hubris, catharsis..etc

that's what my brother's stuck on...finding a stupid element

Guys here are some element examples:






The elements of tragedy, this is what one the of teachers told me

I think I can pick one of them. Hamartia. That's a good one right?


Matthew Campbell

Yeah thats the one I picked, but I'm having trouble with writing the thesis can anyone help me???