After Virtue

What is this book about?

I am reading Mcintyre for my class and am having trouble with his critique of Nietzsche, can someone explain Nietzsche's ideas and what is meant by Ubermensch?

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MacIntyre rejected the spirit of modernity. He was a Christian and ascribed to the teachings and traditions of St. Augustine and THomas Aquinas. As a philosopher, he approached moralilty not by voice of reason but by his belief in traditional Christianity.

In After Virtue, MacIntyre specifically points out the failure of Enlightement thinkers to provide a universal account of moral responsibility and rationale. His purpose was to challenge Nietzsche and the argument put forth by the Enlightenment movement.


German term for "Overman" or "Superman." Hence, in the philosophy of Nietzsche, an extraordinary individual who transcends the limits of traditional morality to live purely by the will to power.

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