Adam Bede

In which sense can one say that Victorian earnestness and Eliot's meliorism are reflected through the main character Adam Bede?

I personally think that these features of the Victorians have contributed to their positive and optimistc vision of life and the world, and may inspire Africans in their struggle against the post-independence regression.

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Adam Bede is portrayed as a hard working member of Victorian England's working-class. He is study, dependable, and "upright" in his actions. He lives and works in a rustic setting, religion doesn't take priority in his life....... it's simply a given, "His work, as you know, had always been part of his religion, and from very early days he saw clearly that good carpentry was God's will..." His love for Hetty is loyal and true; even after he finds that she has dishonoured herself, he acts the gentleman and offers to marry her anyway. The rest of the story involves putting his pride aside and learning to cope with the realities of life.


Adam Bede