Across Five Aprils

what went through your mind as you read about jethro's encounters with guy wortman and dave burdow

it needs to be a 1 by 5 essay

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Jethro is only 15 when the following encounter takes place, and I think the main feeling invoked by the meeting is one of apprehension. This is a time when no one knows what to expect from strangers, their neighbors, or even the people in their own family.

"One day, Matt sends Jethro on an errand to Newtown which is fifteen miles away. Jethro who is proud to have been entrusted with a man's job drives to town where he makes purchases and exchanges. There he encounters a drunk man named Guy Wortman who is outspokenly disapproving of the Creightons whose son Bill has gone to fight for the Confederate army and Dave Burdow who is generally disliked in the community. The name Burdow is familiar to Jethro because his sister, Mary, was killed in an accident caused by Dave Burdow's son. Jethro also meets Ross Milton who treats him to a dinner at the town restaurant. On his way back home, Jethro is almost killed when Guy Wortman jumps out of the woods to scare his horses, but Dave Burdow saves his life by driving the wagon for him."