Absalom, Absalom

faulkner's style of prose in absalom,absalom!

organisation sentences

repetion of word


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William Faulkner style's is rich and complex in Absalom, Absalom!. The novel contains a mix of poetic prose and stream of consciousness narration. The storyline of the novel is actually quite simple, though its long, rambling sentences of dreams, desires, nightmarish recollections, and strange and telling images often make for difficult reading. To analyze the style of William Faulkner is a challenge even for the most perceptive and persistent critic, for he is a restless experimenter with both language and technique. In Absalom, Absalom!, Faulkner makes great use of interior monologue, often moving without notice from one character to another, so that a series of episodic events are strung together by various narrators recollecting their pasts and coloring their telling with subjective inputs of their own assessments and speculation.

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