A Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in time

compare Charles Wallace's behavior in chapter 7 with his behavior in chapter 8

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In Chapter Seven, Charles Wallace is himself, although we see a braver, even more observant child than before. He takes charge and is in command but unfortunately, he looks into the man's eyes when promised he can see behind them. His curiousity allowed the man with the red eyes to take control away.

In Chapter Eight, Meg despairs that the Charles Wallace sitting before her isn’t the Charles Wallace that she knows. Though he looked like Charles Wallace, he also had the “sameness” about him that the other people on the planet Camazotz had. Meg screams at the Man with the Red Eyes, but Calvin tells her to save her energy and that what they should do is try to hold on to Charles Wallace as best they can.

They each grab his arms, but Charles Wallace is now stronger than he was before. He releases himself from their grasp and Meg tries to tackle the Man, but is stopped by his body guards. Calvin tackles Charles Wallace and tries to physically restrain him. Charles Wallace tells them that they’ve all been wrong and that Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which are actually their enemies. Eventually the Man’s bodyguards pry Calvin loose from Charles Wallace and he tells them again that they’ve been wrong and that they’ve actually been fighting their “Father’s friend. Charles Wallace is under the the Man's spell.