A Wrinkle in Time

What do Meg Murry's actions tell you about her? How does Meg feel about her family?

The answer is located in Chapter 1.

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For Meg, no doubt the main character, her conflict involves rising above her seemingly low self-esteem to embrace her own idiosyncrasy and unique abilities. Here we see all the hints of foreshadowing that will unite to incite her towards adventure and discovery - her melancholy feelings at lacking a father, her separation from other students her age, and a feeling of being unsettled in the real world.

Meg certainly wishes she could be more like her younger twin brothers, who are both described as B students, athletic, and clearly part of the crowd at school that easily fits in.

The contrast between Meg's feelings of inferiority and her brothers' successful ability to conform will ultimately pose a key theme of the novel. According to L'Engle, conformity inevitably destroys the fabric of a society - and thus Meg comes to stand as a last remnant of individualism, initially weakened but ultimately emboldened.