A Wrinkle in Time

in what ways does camazotz resemble meg's neighborhood on earth?

A Wrinkle In Time

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The three women transport the children off their current planet to the planet of Camazotz. The planet is very similar to earth with the same kind of trees and weather. The three women tell the children that they have to leave them now and that they will no longer contact them. As they leave, they give them gifts: Calvin the gift of communicating with others, Meg the gift of her faults, and Charles Wallace the gift of his childhood. As a last gift, Mrs. Who gives Meg her spectacles and tells her to only use them as a last resort. They tell Charles Wallace that things will be especially dangerous for him, that they should never separate and that he should not think that he knows everything.



Camazotz and Meg’s neighborhood on Earth were similar because the hills and trees looked the same, and it felt like autumn. From a distance, the towns on Camazotz looked like the towns on Earth with people, children, homes, and buildings. In contrast, everything in Camazotz was exactly alike, unlike on Earth where homes all look different. The colors on Camazotz were dull, unlike on Earth where colors are bright. As on Earth, children played in the neighborhoods with jump ropes and balls; but on Camazotz all the children played in exactly the same manner and with the same rhythm. Everything on Camazotz was identical, including the houses, paths, flowers, and actions, movements, and thoughts of the people.